Social Networking App Launches in Cameroon during AFCON 2021.

LETS TOPPO is a FREE Social Networking App connecting local Cameroonians and the Cameroonian Diaspora to the World. 

Unable to travel back home to physically attend the Africa Cup of Nations due to health restrictions, US and Canada based African Entrepreneurs from App The Future LLC created a Social Media App FREE and Open to the Public, for Cameroonians and Friends of Cameroon around the world, to connect seamlessly in a platform built by their very own.

The Social App officially launches on the eve of the Cameroon-hosted Africa Cup of Nations, Saturday January 8, 2022 at 8:00pm Cameroon time.

If someone in/from Cameroon tells you “Lets Toppo”, don’t run >> it is actually an invitation to Talk, Chat or Gossip; And the LETS TOPPO Social App is no different:

Access the Web App or Download the Mobile App, Sign up and Join the Social Networking Page LETS TOPPO

- Write messages, Upload photos or videos inspired by your circumstances, thoughts or imagination.

- Like or Comment on posts published by other users that capture your attention.

Post about Anything
Who you are, What you do, What you like, What you’re Looking for Let other users inside your world, expose your creative talents to an audience that understands you.

Get Featured – Get your Posts Amplified by us
If your content is good, we may select it to be featured to get more eyeballs on it.

If you Like Something, Let the World Know About it
Use our “Share App” or “Share Post” feature to engage your contacts on the posts you made or liked, or have them join you to hang out on the App.

Follow others and Gain followers – Build Your Own Audience
- It is as easy as clicking on someone’s profile, then click Follow and you guys are buddies!

Never Miss a Thing – Keep your Notifications on
- Stay in the loop as so many amazing things happen on the App.

Advertising can be a beast – And you might not always have the budget for it

LETS TOPPO App allows you to showcase your products and services in a creative way (through informative, funny, entertaining or educational posts) and have a large amount of people see it and react to it.

GROW Cheaper, Faster and Globally - LETS TOPPO brings the World to your fingertips

From Sport to Food, Education, Agriculture, Finance, Fashion, Art, Entertainment, Business, Investment, etc…Local Cameroonians, Diaspora and Friends of Cameroon build relationships on the App; You can find local and foreign opportunities and identify counterparts to collaborate with.

Above all, LETS TOPPO is a place of fun where every Cameroonian should feel AT HOME, and enjoy a sense of pride, ownership and identity.

General Rules:

Please be courteous, respectful and considerate toward others. We have zero tolerance for Nudity, Aggression, False statements, or anything Illegal. These will result in your account being terminated.


LETS TOPPO, LETS TOPPO Logo, is a newly created Brand by App The Future LLC, a New York based Technology Venture company. Please keep in mind that this App is freshly developed. We welcome all your feedback and suggestions, and hope to have more features available soon.

For Questions, Feedbacks or Suggestions
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